Making A Mindful Enterprise

Mindful Enterprise

Making an organization mindful is the next level challenge. It is still hard to create a mindful conversation environment between two people. It takes preparation and planning to execute a mindful conversation. To achieve organization wide mindfulness, you need three things: firstly a leadership drive around the benefits of this change, secondly a technology platform to enable the change and finally a framework to monitor the adoption and its benefits.

What is mindfulness?

The person in below picture is Thích Nhất Hạnh, a renowned Vietnamese buddhist monk.

Thích Nhất Hạnh

He gives talks and trainings in many subjects including Mindfulness. In very very short summary, it is a higher form of being aware. You can be being aware of your self, breathing, thoughts, pains — pleasures, and everything that there is. A second concept of mindfulness is that every state is not entirely possible without its antonym. Like there is no pain without happiness. There is no left without right or there is no north without south. Third and final concept of mindfulness is the path. There are ways to move from one state to another. That path is through being awareness.

What is mindful communication?

This is a derivation of mindfulness applied in communication. It is beautifully explained here. In summary, mindfulness communication is to be fully present in the communication, listening with curiosity and stability, and finally about generous wide less interpretation. One can even simplify it crudely as being respectful, honest and engaged.

Mindful communication is efficient, productive and powerful. Being aware about self and environment empowers one into avoiding shallow and narrow judgement avoiding getting lost in wrong alleys. Awareness allows good questions and expanding the purview. Mathematically it is about finding new peaks through optimization process. For example, It is very rewarding for sales calls to be successful in avoiding wrong and judgment product-fit suggestion and rather creating right solutions for the clients. Similarly every conversation can be exponentially better with mindfulness. But how do you ensure that mindfulness becomes an enterprise wide activity and not just the mezzanine floor talk.

Enterprise Mindfulness

One of the ways to create mindfulness in organizations is to promote the use of this technique in one of the most important activities. That is meetings. Meetings are the most important activity where a lot of mindfulness is needed. And almost everybody does believe it. I have consulted numerous executives, middle managers, and leaders on having effective meetings across fortune 100 clients. McKinsey & co taught us to focus on creating better meeting cascade so that organization is fed on fresh ideas and current communication. Our consulting team developed many practices and trainings for effective meetings. That does help. But with changing times and remote teams in the CoVID world, it has become all the way important to upgrade that framework.

At Cyberium, we have developed a cloud application suite which helps individual and teams to create mindful communication environment. Afterall it is the environment that has to enable awareness. The three major challenges to mindful communication are meeting scheduling, context awareness and follow up. Meeting scheduling is still better with Outlook mail apps but for every other organization it is like shooting in the dark. The problem is worse when one has to schedule meetings for people outside the organization. Multiple questions about schedule and availability creates confusion and often is demotivating. The challenges of lack of context awareness is even grimmer. Most participants expect to explore the context during the meetings. There are so many meetings where sales and deals are lost due to under preparation or under estimation. Finally the biggest hurdle for mindful communication is practice of follow up. Either for an individual or an organization, communication are not a point in time event but a journey. Successive good meetings lead to continuation of revenue. And successive bad ones lead to losses. Follow up practice is least appreciated task as well. It is hard to carry context from one meeting to another and there are very least number of environment enablers to do that. That’s where Cyberium’s cloud solution helps.

Mindful Communication Challenges
Calendar App

Cyberium calendar allows easy setup, personalization and sharing. And you are ready for mindful meetings. The application not only makes it easy to select open slots in first go, but also allows you to collect right structured context by using low code form maker. You can add your questionnaires, survey or any such data collection task in the schedule process. Your meetings will become exponentially better with alignment of expectations and thus better outcomes. Finally, the follow up conundrum. Cyberium Calendar app allows you to add internal or external teams or systems to become integrated with your meeting workflow. Every new meeting can become a case. And every recurrence of the meeting will have the historical track record. Your partner’s activity on the follow up can be visible to you, if you set the partnership code using the Cyberium blockchain. That is a topic for another day. But the key message is that we have created an everlasting solution for mindful communication. And you can try it today for free.

I am fascinated by positive impacts of technology on human behaviour and evolution.

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